5 Ideal Dog Breeds for Families with Young Children

If you’re considering getting your family’s first dog, considering which breeds are most suitable for living with children is an important factor. All dogs are individuals, and any type of dog could make a wonderful family pet if they have a calm and friendly disposition. However, some breeds are particularly well-suited to a busy family life and being companions for younger children.


Whatever breed of dog you choose, it’s important to teach your kids to respect the dog’s boundaries and give them the space and kindness that they need. Allowing children to crowd or bother your dog can cause it stress and may ultimately lead to aggression if left unchecked. However, owning a dog is a great way for children to develop responsibility and compassion towards other. With that in mind, let’s look atfive dog breeds that experts believe are perfect for families with small children.


Labrador Retriever

Labradors are an enduring favorite for families with kids for very good reason. Labs tend to be friendly and confident and are naturally predisposed to love everyone, adults and kids alike. Before you welcome a labrador retriever into your family, it’s important to consider whether you can meet its exercise needs. Labradors are a high-energy breed and need plenty of exercise every day. If you don’t meet these needs, this can lead to unhappiness and also excessive weight gain in your pooch.


Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are another firm favorite with young children. They have naturally friendly and humorous personalities and enjoy plenty of play with energetic kids. They are also intelligent and quick learners, so they’re a good choice for children who want to teach tricks to their pet. Golden retrievers, like labradors, need more exercise than average. So, they may not be right for your family if you don’t have much time to devote to long walks.



A pug is a great choice if you have a small home and want a dog that will snuggle up with your family on the couch. Pugs love plenty of lounging around, but will still enjoy playing games with children. It’s important to keep your pug well-exercised and keep an eye on its food intake, as they have the tendency to gain weight when left to their own devices.



Collies are renowned for being a loyal breed and are extremely well suited to life with children. They are highly intelligent and can be taught a huge range of tricks. Collies have relatively high exercise needs, so you should be sure that you can commit to meeting these before you take one on.



Although they have a reputation for being high-maintenance, poodles make excellent family dogs. You can choose between a standard, miniature and toy size depending on the space you have available in your home. They are highly intelligent and love playing with children. Another advantage of poodles is that they’re hypoallergenic, so they make a great pet if your kids are allergic to dog dander.


The bottom line


As you can see, there are plenty of dog breeds that love living as part of a family. If you choose the right pooch for you, your kids will benefit from companionship and play, not to mention time spent outdoors on dog walks. If you’re buying a puppy, make sure that you purchase from a reputable breeder and ask to see the parents before you commit.