5 Ways the Game of Business is Like the Game of Bowling

There’s more to playing a sport than just enjoyment. Playing organized sports teaches participants how to learn┬árules, techniques, and playing well with others. These types of lessons translate easily into the business world.


While all sports offer you similar learning opportunities, the sport of bowling is a unique match. Here are five ways the game of bowling is like the game of business.


Business and Bowling Require Quick Adjustments


Conditions change quickly in the sport of bowling. As bowling balls roll down the lanes, they push the oil around, leaving dry spots or spreading it to different areas. You may start by releasing your ball early to overcome freshly oiled lanes. However, when conditions become drier you may find you have to push the ball further out on the lane to avoid too much hook. This requires an understanding of changing lane conditions and of how to make quick adjustments to your throw.


Things can change quickly in the world of business as well — from a decline or upsurge in the economy to the advent of new technology and the introduction of new ideas. It is important to be able to read people and situations, understand market and labor trends, and make the necessary adjustments.


The best bowlers read the lane conditions and make adjustments quickly. The best business people read the market conditions and do the same thing.


Business and Bowling Require the Proper Equipment to Do Well


What’s great about bowling is that you can participate simply by going to a bowling center, renting bowling shoes, and choosing a house ball off the rack. However, if you really want to improve your game, you need to buy your own equipment and take a few bowling lessons. Choosing a ball specifically for your bowling skills and that’s drilled for your hand can make all the difference in the world.


In business, the most successful companies realize the importance of the tools and equipment they use each day. They understand the need to have the right leadership, team, and infrastructure as well as the proper technology, systems, and procedures in place.


In Business and Bowling There’s Always Something to Learn


If you’re not a seasoned bowler, you may not realize the challenges involved in the sport. From changes in lane oil conditions and patterns to updates in bowling equipment and bowling styles, there’s always something new to learn. Even the pros review their performance regularly and make adjustments accordingly.


Businesses have to do the same thing. To stay tops in your field requires continuous improvement. That’s why large companies such as Walmart, Exxon Mobil, and Berkshire Hathaway continue to learn from their own mistakes and other’s successes. It’s the only way to survive.


Team Players are Important in Business and Bowling


Bowling is an individual as well as a team sport. The benefit of being on a team is that someone always has your back. Although you may not always bowl up to your own expectations, your teammates are there to cheer you on and pick up the slack. The same is often true of coworkers.


Business experts often refer to organizations as social organisms. They thrive when the people who work in them thrive. This requires that everyone work well together. Working well together allows the team to work more efficiently, improve quality, and increase output. Companies are only as strong as the individuals who work there.


Business, Like Bowling, Can be Fun


As with any sport, bowling is fun. It’s even more fun to do well and win. It’s fun to do well and win at business, too. As most business owners can tell you, having a vision that becomes a successful business can be very satisfying. For employees, working with good teammates to help a business grow can be fun.


Whatever sport you play – baseball, football, tennis, or even bowling – the lessons you learn in competition and from teammates can help you be successful in your sport as well as in your business life.