Dissolve Anxiety and Boost Happiness: The Key to Natural Stress Relief

Stress has the power to make you depressed and unwell, but there is a key to natural relief. All emotional stress, which accounts for much of the anxiety you face, stems from your thoughts. If you learn how to make negative thoughts work for you, you can dissolve stress and boost happiness.


Stress causes tension


Each day, you encounter challenges, some of which result in mental strain. You worry about how to overcome them and imagine what might happen if you fail. The result is an inner struggle, which is felt in a physical and emotional sense. You move into a state of fight or flight and tension is created.


When pressure stays in your mind and body, adverse changes occur. Your immunity plummets. Insomnia may arise, and your ability to cope diminishes the longer anxiety freely roams within. You know constant worry is not good for you, yet, you might not take steps to remedy the situation. If you truly understood how much better off you would be, you would take the idea on board.


You need to deal with Anxiety instantly


Mostly, you are so used to stress that you don’t deal with it, imagining you have to make do and struggle. However, leaving anxiety unattended isn’t the natural way to manage your feelings. You were designed to meet challenges head on, dealing with them immediately. Doing so provides relief and gets rid of stress rather than leaving it to build.


Negative thoughts are signs


You might think unwanted thoughts are your nemesis. However, the best way to dissolve them is to recognize they are signs. Your thoughts indicate which way to go next on your journey of life. If you feel terrific, you’re moving in the right direction. If your emotions are painful, you need to stop and reassess where you are headed.


What your thoughts tell you


Negative thoughts don’t indicate life is unfair; they tell you you’re not dealing with life in the best way for your well-being. When they occur, you need to change your perspective. Alter how you see events and the path in front of you will also change. Instead of heading toward turmoil, you will move toward a brighter destination.


How to transform negativity


When a negative thought occurs, consider what it shows you about yourself. People usually look for outside circumstances to account for their feelings, but to dissolve them, you must look within. Seek to understand the message behind the feeling, knowing it’s about you, not anyone else.


Thus, if you are upset after someone’s spoken to you harshly, don’t focus on how unfair the situation is, look at why you are distressed. Perhaps you want validation because your self-esteem is low. Or, you might hold the belief people must treat you fairly, or you can’t be happy.


Learning life’s lessons


Once you realize why you are upset, you can change direction. You can improve your confidence, or examine beliefs that don’t serve you. Each time you deal with challenges this way, personal growth occurs. You gain self-awareness and managing similar situations in the future gets easier.


Your happiness depends on your thoughts and perspective. Knowing this liberates you from relying on others to fulfill your needs. Using your thoughts as emotional signposts will help you travel through life with joy. When negativity arises, stop, and understand it’s time to learn, grow, and change direction.